(photo: Nataša Didenko, 2019)

The Mustafa Paša Mosque is located opposite the Skopje Fortress, near Kuršumli Ann. It was built in 1492 by Mustafa Paša, Vizier of Sultans Bayezid II (1481 - 1512) and Selim I (1512 - 1520) and is an outstanding example of early Istanbul architecture. Its base is square and covered with a dome with a diameter of 16.3 m. The minaret is 47 m high and is built of limestone. The whole complex, apart from the mosque, also consists of the tomb of Mustafa Paša, the sarcophagus of his daughter Umi, a fountain, several tombs, as well as the remains of the former imaret and madrasa.

Today it is a protected cultural monument and an active religious building.

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