(photo: Nataša Didenko, 2019)

The Vilayet Inn, also known as “Uqumat”, was built in the late 19th century near the Mustafa Paša Mosque and opposite the Skopje Fortress. It housed the residence of the governor of the Kosovo Vilayet, which represented the highest administrative authority since Skopje in 1888 became the center of this Vilayet. The printing house of the Kosovo Vilayet was also located in this building, which was moved from the school for art and crafts - "Islahane". On the meadow in front of the inn, under the walls of the Skopje Fortress, once a week was held one of the most famous and most visited Skopje markets, which was called the Market at the Inn after the name of the building. The 1963 earthquake severely damaged the inn, and it was reconstructed.

Today, this large building, which has a simple architecture and consists of a ground floor and a first floor, is a cultural monument, and in it are located private business entities.

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